We are knowledge consulting experts in the fields of
project management, mechanical engineering,
lean innovation, and quality management


We work in a most dedicated manner to carry out solutions with emphasis on product safety and high quality.
We are experienced within our main fields: project management, construction, lean innovation and quality management.
Working closely together with our customers, we ensure the maximum gain as a result of our knowledge-based consultants.

Project Management

MEFU’s consultants are highly skilled technical project managers with the ability to positively challenge solutions and assumptions. Project management is a tool-box to address each individual phase of a project, controlling time, resource and content of a project. We bring with us leadership experience from former projects. And we work well with colleagues with different expertise and ways of working.

– Risk Assessment
– Business case (financial)
– Brainstorming
– Cost-benefit analysis
– Scope Statement
– Planning
– Stakeholder analysis
– Communications plan
– Meeting management
– Calculations
– Requirements specification
– Budget
– Change Management
– Project Modeling


We are experienced at calculating constructions, both by hand and computer-generated finite elements calculations, flow-calculations and heat-loss/dissipation calculations. Working with mechanical construction is like transforming a sketch on a napkin into idea generation, trying to make a prototype in order to refine an idea into a concept. This way, the concept becomes tangible.

– Construction design
– Product development
– Finite Element Method
– Static and dynamic analysis
– Flow analysis
– Materials knowhow (Steel, plastic)
– Connecting parts (Glue, welding, etc.)
– Technical specifications
– Computer-Aided Design (3D)
– Drawings, 2D (GPS)
– Rapid prototyping and testing
– Practise towards pilots and serial production
– Machine validation, CE-marking & documentation
– Factory Acceptance Test
– Site Acceptance test
– Supplier Relationship Development


Lean is about optimizing leaks and eliminating unnecessary steps in processes. To us, lean is a way of making issues visible in order to improve on them. By working in alignment with the philosophy of lean, we bring possible issues to the surface to help each other improve on processes, machines and products. Our focus is on safety and reliable work, both in processes and at the level of our consultants. By engaging with the employees of the company we work with, we ask the right questions to be able to come up with improved answers.

– Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
– Just In Time-planning (Road Map, VSM, Scrum)
– Documentation and learning
– Design for lean production
– Visual Management/Visual factory/5S/shop floor involvement
– Continuous improvement
– Standardization
– Bench marking across sites
– Performance measurement, KPI setting
– Flow analysis, optimization and implementation
– Simplicity of logistics platforms (modularization)
– Cost reduction program – Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Quality Management

Quality management, quality assurance and quality preventive work are essential to how we work. Through the use of analytical tools, we strive to prevent quality related incidents. Our approach relies on Six Sigma, as we prefer to base our work on facts and data, whenever possible, because data is a way to prove that the solution we suggest is the best possible. In the end, quality assurance relies on being extremely specific and precise.

– FMEA (Design/Process)
– Kano Analytics
– Quality Function Deployment (QFD) – House of Quality
– Design of Experiments (DoE)
– Capability analysis
– Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
– Design for Excellence (Design for X)
– Simulation
– Testing
– Poka Yoke (Error-proofing)

Industries & Technologies


These are the industries and technologies we cover.
Please refer to cases on how we work.

Food processing industry
Product development
Material Technology
Renewable energy
Automation industry
Defence and Military




MEFU´s consultants are highly skilled technical engineers with finely tuned intercultural competencies.
This means that our consultants excel in making things happen, because they know the importance of working together.


MEFU has collected feedback from more than 30 clients in order to align the company´s mission with the needs of the clients.
These results, along with our management philosophy, make up the core of our professional DNA. MEFU guarantees that our consultants
work in the same skilled way. At the same time, all of our consultants are encouraged to strive for further individual professional freedom
and development of competencies.


  • How we work
    Flexibility and independence are key terms. MEFU guarantees highly motivated employees with social skills, and visible commitment.

  • Benefits for the client
    # Meaningful employment cultivates productivity
    # MEFU has substantial access to talented candidates


  • How we work
    Constantly, we strive for our expert level of competencies to improve in order for people to grow. Not only do we put an effort into a significant level of diversity among our skills. MEFU pride ourselves of the ability to work across disciplines and departments, both sharing knowledge and supporting others. In this aspect, we are very much oriented towards results.

  • Benefits for the clients

  • # Results

  • # Improve the yield of interdisciplinary teams

  • # We challenge the status quo and function as role models both in our genuine participation and on the level of theory


  • How we work
    We respect the corporate values and culture of other companies, as we remain professional in how we treat each unique organisation and the extent to which we focus on understanding the organisation.
  • Benefits for the client:

  • # We deliver what the client needs – instead of what we think they may need
    # We work along with accessible tools and the competencies of the client


  • How we work
    We take responsibility for personal safety, quality management, project costs and complete confidentiality
  • Benefits for our client:
    # Protection of knowledge

  • # Cost control
    # Credibility


Our main motivation


We at MEFU offer valuable knowledge consulting for our customers. Our consultants are flexible,
skilled and driven by the urge to create great results. We advise because we are good at it, and because it is our passion.
Success for MEFU is measured by the results we create. Thus we pride ourselves at being the preferred knowledge adviser for our clients.


In our field of expertise, MEFU must
be the preferred knowledge
adviser for our clients.


The management sets the direction of MEFU, yet leaves it to our consultants to explore solutions through their individual creativity and learning. We strive for our consultants to grow professionally.


Growth, both for the clients and for MEFU, is our main target. Through creating valuable results for our customers, we will provide growth for everybody.


Hørhavevej 42, DK-8270 Højbjerg

(+45) 29 80 65 26